DIY Workshop // Maven Made All-Natural

Bethany Frazier of Maven Made

Maven Made is owned by Bethany Frazier and based in Richmond, VA.  Maven Made offers simple, all-natural products for home, wellness + beauty.

Maven Made is a small-batch line of handcrafted apothecary and aromatherapy products. From Headache and Tension Relief roll-on (yep, it works!) to Facial Serum and Linen Spray, each product is created to connect customers with ethically-sourced natural ingredients. I also offer one-on-one consults at my home studio if there's something specific in mind someone would like to concoct or focus on.

Who is your ideal client or customer?

My clients/customers are already amazing. I feel Maven Made has opened the minds of some who have thought chemical based products or medicines are the "be all end all" solution. On the other end of the spectrum, it's found a beautiful fit within the local Richmond community and mindful folks who incorporate some of the products into their day to day. I learn so much from customer interactions, more than they even know. Each conversation gives me more of a push and affirmation that I am on the right path (and be okay wherever it may go). 

What is one of your favorite creative, offbeat projects you’ve worked on?

With my other side business (with my fiery best friend and business partner),You.Are.Venus., I'm able to explore a super grounded and spiritual aspect of Maven Made and essential oils as a whole. At our holistic-forward retreats and workshops, I find ways to incorporate the products into yoga practice, meditation and chakra alignment. The last retreat we hosted in Floyd, VA I did one-on-one third eye opening massages (on the forehead) on all participants with a calming blend of neroli and lavender oils. It was amazing and extremely personal. 

New Maven Made Products

What are three ingredients for a perfect day at your company?

A good cup of coffee (right now, I'm stuck on Three Ships), a feel-good balance of my three (yes, three) jobs throughout the day and customer feedback (good or bad). 

If you could plan a dream retreat for you and the folks you work closely with, what would you do and where would you go?

I would probably choose Tulum (a Zika free version, though). I've been to this magical place in some intense stages in my life, including jungle camping solo right after a breakup. There's nothing better than a group of people gathering together, letting go of ego, jealously and just being real. So this dream retreat would include swimming nude in the ocean, embarking on a full moon ritual (I love moon phases), drinking something delightfully bright, eating too much guacamole and staying up to talk deep all night long. 

What do you do when you're not working and what's your favorite way to practice self-care?

When I'm not working, I'm usually eating something incredible Ipanema, connecting with my friends (these conversations tend to go over 3 hours) and hashing out ideas with my partner for our own wedding for next year. My self care practice and therapy is yoga, it's my inner, outer and all-around balance. I also love baking, it completely zens me right out. Oh, and also good beer, it's my weakness.

What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?

Since last October, I've been adamant on releasing situations (relationship, jobs and ways of thinking) that no longer serve me. With each uncomfortable conversation or self-doubt, the things I've cut loose, have literally propelled me further into opportunities that would have remained undiscovered if I hadn't just spoke my truth and let go. 

If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be?

Incorporating the concept of mindfulness on the wedding day (and every process leading up to it). This also translates to a wave of couples letting go (or not even giving attention) to "looks", trends or traditions that don't reflect them. I also think introducing a light + short guided meditation during the ceremony would be badass. I have been to (and in) so many weddings that are religion-heavy when the couple isn't... at all. That's part of speaking your truth, saying no to things. Yeah, it's challenging, but I feel couples would feel more aligned and conscious if the day truly reflects who they are. 

What are you most looking forward to at {un}convention?

Being able to talk about the beneficial properties of natural ingredients, but more so to connect with other like-minded people. This is always my intention for participating in events, the conversations and connections are priceless.