Meet the {un}convention Team

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It all started when...

Liz and Carly of Catalyst Wedding Co. decided to create a space where like-minded wedding professionals could meet and connect, and thats when they hosted the first {un}convention in Richmond, VA. Soon after, they had the amazing good fortune of meeting Dawn of Toasted Wedding Event, and she quickly became a collaborator on {un}convention. With Dawn's help, we have hosted the event in Brooklyn and San Francisco. We are so thrilled to be bringing it back home to Richmond!

All website photos by Kate Thompson Feucht of Betty Clicker Photography



"What can I say, MIND BLOWN that I was able to be part of such an awesome two days. Fucking incredible. I’m still reeling over everything! I got to meet and chat with so many killer people who really made me feel like it’s not just me in the world trying to mix shit up. Felt like I had a home in the world of the wedding industry." — Adina, Hoopla! Events

"It was an amazing night, and I met so many other professionals, at all stages of business development, with the same outlook on how our industry can grow and improve to include all humans. I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!" — Casey, EQ Events

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